Innovative Design Solutions

SmartUp Engineering is an innovative startup born from the passion and experience of a group of young aerospace engineers and researchers from the University of Naples Federico II, to meet the specific needs of companies and research institutions in the aerospace and, more generally, industrial fields.
SmartUp Engineering focuses on:

  • Software development for industrial and scientific applications related to aerospace;
  • Support for the design, development and testing of innovative aerial platforms for aerial, maritime and land applications;
  • The application of innovative technologies in the industrial field, with particular attention to the aerospace, mechanical and energy sectors;

SmartUp Engineering combines an intelligent approach to engineering solutions that link the aeronautical background to the needs of the market.
It offers aeronautical engineering services and software tailored to customer needs.
A consolidated background in aircraft design makes SmartUp Engineering open to offer services and products for the engineering sectors, such as aerodynamic design and analysis, software development for aerospace design, flight simulation and experimental tests, providing over 50 years of experience of its team.