SmartUp Engineering provides support for the design of a new aircraft from the conceptual design until the test phase. We can help you in the correct definition of aircraft requirements accounting for market forecasts and technical requirements, providing the optimal solution for your configuration.

We can speed-up the Conceptual Design phase of your aircraft with improved methodologies and multidisciplinary design and optimization procedure (MDAO). We developed advanced and more reliable methodologies for a fast and accurate design.
We can help you in the Preliminary Design and configuration layout of your aircraft, helping you in components sizing, lifting surfaces, fuselage, high-lift devices, wing-tip devices, fairings, providing high fidelity CAD models and technical reports compliant to certification specifications.
Engine layout and requirements are generated to help you in the preliminary definition of power plant.

We manage both conventional and disruptive aircraft configurations: tube & wing, blended wing-body, boxed wing, ultra-high aspect ratio, hybrid-electric power plant, distributed electric propulsion, and so on.