We develop software for R&D for any need. Whether you need automatic report generation or aircraft design tools we can provide you with different solutions. Take a look at what we have done and what is currently ongoing in our recent research experiences.

  • JPAD – A modular Java framework for Multi-Disciplinary Analyses and Optimizations applied to aircraft parametric models in Preliminary Aircraft Design.
  • ADAS – A Visual Basic software for Conceptual and Preliminary Aircraft Design.
  • ReportGenerator – A Java tool based on a runtime environment to easily generate any kind of report.
  • ResponseSurfaceOptimizer – A standalone Java tool for single and multi-objective optimization of any response surface based on the open source java library MOEA Framework
  • HEAD – A software for conceptual design of hybrid-electric aircraft with distributed propulsion.
  • CAD GENERATOR – A Java standalone tool for automatic aircraft CAD models generation suitable for any third-party CAD software.
  • Propeller Design – A software conceived as a user-friendly interface for X-Rotor used to design any kind of propeller.
  • Airfoil Optimization Tool – A tool designed to analyze and optimize airfoil shapes with different level of fidelity.