JPAD (Java toolchain of Programs for Aircraft Design) is all-in-one integrated Aircraft Design Software for conventional, innovative and hybrid-electric aircraft.

JPAD is conceived as an ecosystem of interconnected modules aimed at providing a reliable, fast and efficient tool to support the design, the analysis and the optimization of transport aircraft. Since the early stages, the development of JPAD has been oriented to obtain a software with the following characteristics:

  • The possibility of carrying out the preliminary design of transport aircraft (conventional, hybrid-electric and innovative)
  • A user-experience designed to follow the designer from aircraft specifications up to the multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization process.
  • A multi-fidelity approach which, applied since the early stages, allows to reduce the overall time required for the design phase.
  • A modern and user-friendly user interface.
  • The implementation of advanced CAD generation features for the automatic creation of complex aircraft CAD models ready to be exported and used in most of  the main commercial analysis tools (CAD / CFD). In addition to the possibility of generating the aircraft model, it is also possible to generate the following sub-components: wing-fuselage junction, winglets, control surfaces and high-lift devices with attached housing, pylons and nacelles, propellers.
  • Modularity, to make JPAD easily extendable with the possibility of releasing new analyses plugins over time. 

By integrating the most recent research outcomes obtained by SmartUp Engineering team, JPAD brings a significant improvement to the state of the art of most of the currently available software for the design and analysis of aircraft on the market.
The development of these features has made JPAD extremely useful in University research activities carried out in recent years (and still in progress) by SmartUp Engineering members in various European projects.

The synergy between academic research and the aviation industry has led the development of JPAD to be immediately oriented towards the resolution of real problems in today's aeronautical design.

JPAD will be available in three different versions:

Open-source version with the following characteristics:

  • Creation of a generic parametric aircraft model geometry
  • Aircraft geometry management trough a dedicated graphic user interface
  • Automatic generation of the aircraft CAD model ready to be exported and used in most of the main commercial CAD and analysis software (e.g. CATIA, SolidWorks, StarCCM+).

Intermediate paid version of JPAD which includes all EXPRESS features plus the followings:

  • Coneptual design of conventional aircraft. From specifications to the parametric model.
  • Complete multi-disciplinary analysis of a single aircraft
  • An extended graphic user interface to manage aircraft generation and analyses
  • Advanced CAD features like the automatic generation of fairings, karmans, winglets, high-lift devices, control surfaces, nacelles and pylons

The complete JPAD user experience which includes all previous versions plus the following features:

  • Conceptual design of hybrid-electric aircraft
  • Sensitivity analyses, parametric studies and Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Single-objective and multi-objectives optimizations using metaheuristic algorythms based on computational intelligence
  • Automatic techincal report generator (Word/PDF)


JPAD offers you a modern, efficient and user friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI), deleloped with state-of-the-art JavaFX libraries, to provide for the best User Experience.