Whatever is your project, a fast road vehicle, a green and efficient transport airplane, a smart personal air transportation aircraft, a silent high-speed train, a civil structure under wind loads, SmartUp Engineering performs accurate analyses on time.

Among our expertise:

  • Use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to support wind-tunnel and towing-tank experimental investigations
  • Applications of Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics to Naval Architecture
  • Numerical simulations and support to wind tunnel testing of scaled civil structures
  • Analysis of aircraft performance, stability and control, flight mission profile, weight breakdown, costs and emissions

SmartUp Engineering provides aerodynamic analysis for any vehicle, building or system. Our tools range from simplified models to complex high-fidelity calculations, dealing with different flow regimes: subsonic, transonic, supersonic, mono or multi-phase, involving thermal transfer, and so on.

The analysis of aircraft stability and control is an essential task to comply with safety and performance requirements. The tools developed by SmartUp Engineering team may help you in identifying potential issues in stability and control and defining the optimal solution.

We can provide overall flight simulation model, aerodynamic database, masses and inertia, powerplant database ready to fly. Flight simulation models can be directly used interactively through the well-known FlightGear environment.