SmartUp Engineering offers a wide spectra of engineering activities, including Aircraft Design, Flight models and Test models design, aeronautical and marine propeller design, customized design methods and surrogate modeling, Smart Mobility solutions, and CAD modeling of designed solutions.

Regional turboprop aircraft with distributed electric propulsion

SmartUp Engineering provides support for the design of a new aircraft from the conceptual design until the test phase. We can help you in the correct definition of aircraft requirements accounting for market forecasts and technical requirements, providing the optimal solution for your configuration.

From customer requirements SmartUp Engineering is able to design propellers optimized for marine and aeronautical applications.

Nowadays engineering problems are becoming even more complicated requiring computationally expensive simulations. Searching for design solutions to speed-up overall design process leading to a more efficient and reliable results is a key-point. We can provide your surrogate models, based on high fidelity analysis and experimental tests, all in a unique database.

SmartUp Engineering can provide flight models tailored to your specifications. Scaled flight models for surveillance and environmental monitoring can be designed, assembled, instrumented, and flown. Our service ranges from system downscaling and components sizing to flight test and documents preparation.

Test models and prototypes are designed accordingly customer specifications. We can provide support in sizing, design, manufacturing, instrumentation and test of your prototype. We have experience in calibration, set-up up and testing of mechanical system. Our design office will support you in the customization of your system.

SmartUp Engineering team has developed a Java-based solid modeling geometry kernel, which enables to develop all sorts of parametric CAD modeling tools.